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Welcome to VIP Apartment

We know everything about your comfortable staying...

Booking rules

Guests who want to feel comfortable and  like to save their time, definitely book apartment in Kiev in advance. Then You will be absolutely sure that upon Your arrival to Kiev You will be checked in luxurious and comfortable apartment in the very center of Ukrainian capital.

It’s just necessary to follow a few simple booking rules:

1. Guests are supposed to make a prepayment for the 1st night of staying. After you make online order on our website or by phone, the previous reservation is valid:

– within 24 hours for orders 3 days or more before arrival date

– within 6 hours for orders 1 or 2 days before checking in 

– within 2 hours, for booking an apartment on the day of arrival

2. Check in time is after 14:00 p.m. In that case if  You wanna check in till noon time( early in the morning) you have to pay full day of the apartment cost from the previous day. Check out time is till 12:00(noon). If you want to check out later 12:00 oclock – you have to pay 1/2 of the day cost till 18:00 pm  and the day cost if you check out later 18:00 pm For more details please contact our managers>>

3. We accept the cancellation of your reservation but we don’t make any refunds if you let us know less than 7 days before your checking in date.

4. The payment for the apartment rent is made in national currency of Ukraine (UAH), US dollars or Euro. Also our Guests can pay by credit card online on our website or in our office Extra commission 5% is applied

5. Its required to provide passport details or any ID card upon your checking in our apartments for signing out the rent agreement and pay safety deposit 2000 UAH which will be returned back upon checking out date. Photo and xero copies of friends’ / relatives’ passport details are not accepted

6. Its strictly prohibited to smoke inside the apartment and make noise after 22:00 pm. We kindly ask you to follow these simple rules to avoid the conflicts with neighbors and local Police department othrewise you will be moved from the apartment and charged the penalty without refund

7. If  You rent an apartment for Christmas holidays – you have to pay the double price for the New Year’s night( 31/12/2023-01/01/2024) and your staying should not be less than 5 days. Please be informed that during 25/12/2023 till 10/01/2024 all the prices on our website are increased for 20%. Its required to pay a deposit for 2 days for the New Year orders. All the Guests are required to pay 200 USD safety deposit upon checking in date which is given back on checking out date in case if nothing is broken in the apartment and all the keys are returned!

8. Discounts and special offers are not valid during Christmas holidays, May and Easter holidays!

9. After apartment reservation you receive the confirmation letter and automatically accept all booking rules of our policy

Public Offer 

Company: VIP Apartment, which is registered and exists according to the legislation of Ukraine, the Certificate of State Registration № 2 065 000 0000 032315 from 18.01.2013 represented by Volodymyr Fesenko, (hereinafter – «VIP Apartment»), on the one hand, and

Guest: any individual who uses the services of the Web site (Web Sites) of VIP Apartment to receive services for reservation of places of temporary accommodation (accommodation), on the other hand, together – the Parties, entered into this agreement as follows:

Taking into account that:

– VIP Apartment operates through the Website of the domain for the realization of temporary accommodation reservation services,

– The Customer wants to use the services of temporary accommodation reservations (accommodation);
– This Agreement is a public offer (the official offer) of VIP Apartment. In accordance with clause 2 of Art. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (CCU) in the event of acceptance of the terms and conditions set out below and payment of services, the person who conducts the acceptance of this offer in this way becomes the Guest. This Agreement is concluded by applying for booking services and paying for the benefit of VIP Apartment or the Owner of the temporary placement (accommodation). In making payment, Customer confirms that it is fully acquainted, agrees and accepts the terms of this Agreement;
– This Agreement enters into force from the date of its placing on the website of VIP Apartment and operates until the date of the official announcement of the withdrawal of the public offer (contract) in whole or in part;
– An Agreement concluded in accordance with the procedure described above is deemed to be written in compliance with the written form, signed by the Customer on its own, and cannot be declared void due to its electronic form and / or absence of a personal signature of the Client;
– This Treaty is an accession treaty in the meaning of Art. 634 CCU;
– This Contract is binding for the parties to the Agreement, except as provided for in this Agreement or legislative acts.

Definition of terms

VIP Apartment Website is one of the service channels that is a collection of Reservation Centre software, including those installed on tablet PCs, mobile phones and other mobile devices supporting VIP Apartment software installation, as well as a set of information, the manner in which it is presented and the technical means enabling users of the Internet to access the information indicated, including the website of VIP Apartment on the Internet

The Owner is an individual, an individual entrepreneur, and legal entities of all forms of ownership who place information about properties that they own legally on VIP Apartment Website
Place of temporary placement (accommodation) – any real property that is suitable and equipped for the temporary placement (accommodation) of the Client.

1. Subject of the contract
1.1. Under the terms and conditions stipulated by this Agreement VIP Apartment undertakes to provide to the Client, in accordance with its application, the services for reservation of the place of temporary residence (accommodation), namely providing information on actual dates for temporary placement and actual prices for the dates of temporary placement, as well as provision of the contact details of the Owners (hereinafter – the Services), and the Customer undertakes to pay the provided services in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

2. Amount of Agreement and order of payment
2.1. Services for booking a temporary placement (accommodation) for Guests are free of charge and VIP Apartment does not charge the Guest any fee for the reservation services provided, unless otherwise specified in the application.
2.2. The amount due for a temporary placement (accommodation) is determined based on the temporary placement (accommodation) prices established by the Owner for the current booking date. Payment for services for temporary placement (accommodation) is carried out based on the invoice (application) and in the term indicated in the invoice (application).
2.3. The price of temporary placement (accommodation) includes the cost of living set by the Owner, and the cost of other additional services that are included in the cost.
2.4. The payment for a temporary placement (accommodation) is performed by the Client as follows:
– Upon receipt of the confirmation of reservation, the Guest pre-pays the cost of 1 (one) day of temporary placement (accommodation) or from 10% to 20% of the total cost of temporary residence in the case of long-term residence (as determined according to the application), by transferring funds to the details of the Owner, depending on your preferred payment method.Payment methods are provided to the Guest when placing the booking, while the payment date is considered the date of transfer of funds to the account of the Owner in accordance with the terms of use of payment systems (methods).
– The final settlement for a temporary placement (accommodation) is carried out at the time of arrival of the Guest to the place of temporary placement (accommodation), by payment of the remainder of the cost of residence to the Owner, depending on the chosen payment method.
– In case of reservation cancellation by the Guest within the terms set in the application, the amount of prepayment paid by the Guest shall be returned to the Client in accordance with the rules of payment systems operation, with which such prepayment has been made in accordance with clause 2.4 of the Agreement. In the event of cancellation or cancellation of a reservation after the expiration of the deadline set in each individual application, the amount of the prepayment is not returned, but is used to reimburse the costs of the owner and / or the Reservation Centre for the preparation of the place of temporary placement (accommodation) and the reservation services.
2.5. In case of non-payment or incomplete payment by the Guest of the amount of prepayment determined in accordance with clause 2.4, in the terms established in the application, this Agreement is considered unsubstantiated, and the Guest’s application (order) is cancelled.At the same time, money (part-time payment) must be returned to the Guest.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties
3.1. The booking centre undertakes:
3.1.1. Approve the booking request with the Owner and provide the Guest with the appropriate confirmation.The agreement of the application is confirmation of the Owner, by obtaining information from him by the Enterprise, regarding the possibility of providing the Place of temporary residence (accommodation) for the client’s stay at the chosen dates.After the application is agreed, information about the Owner is given to the Client.
3.2. The Customer undertakes:
3.2.1. Timely payment for temporary placement (accommodation) in the manner prescribed by clause 2.4 of this Agreement.
3.2.2. Independently compensate for any damage caused to the Owner or place of residence (accommodation).
3.2.3. In time and in full, pay for the use of additional services in places of residence (accommodation).
3.2.4. Independently pay for services of temporary placement (accommodation) in accordance with the terms of payment systems used for payment.The client is obliged to familiarize himself with the rules of making payments.In this case, the Client shall be liable for non-receipt of payment and payment of such payment (or in accordance with the rules of the payment system).
3.3. Customer has the right to receive: –
a set of services stipulated by this Agreement;
– Objective and complete information on the status of the order (application) in VIP Apartment.

4. Party liability and exemption from liability
4.1. In case of untimely fulfilment by the Guest of the obligations stipulated by clause. 2.4., 3.2. this Agreement, VIP Apartment is not responsible for the late and / or incomplete performance of the services under this Agreement, as well as for failure to provide services for temporary placement (accommodation) on the part of the Owners.
4.2. The Guest is responsible for the correctness of the registration and authenticity of the information provided to VIP Apartment necessary for booking the temporary placement (accommodation).
4.3. VIP Apartment is responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the offers for temporary placement (accommodation) located on VIP Apartment Website. Such information includes information about the location of the accommodation, the level of comfort and availability of amenities, the availability of the temporary placement (accommodation) for reservation at certain dates
4.4. VIP Apartment is not responsible for any errors in the Website that may be the result of its technical malfunction or maintenance, as well as those that occurred because of force majeure.
4.5. VIP Apartment is not responsible for any errors in the payment systems used by the Client to make payment for temporary placement (accommodation).
4.6. The Guest is solely responsible for paying all taxes and fees that may arise in connection with the execution of the Client’s obligations under this Agreement or provision of temporary placement services (accommodation) from the Owner.

5. Dispute settlement procedure
5.1. All disputes related to the implementation of this Agreement, the Parties undertake to resolve by negotiation, and in case of failure to reach an agreement – in court for the relevant jurisdiction.

6. The term of the Agreement and other conditions
6.1. The Agreement enters into force from the moment of its signing by the Parties. The operation of the Agreement shall be terminated by the fulfilment by the Parties of their obligations in accordance with its terms or with the mutual consent of the Parties.
6.2. The Guest and his authorized representatives who signed this Agreement confirm that all the personal data provided by the Guest and authorized persons of the Client submitted in this Agreement, in the application, are correct and expresses his consent that the VIP Apartment has the right to process all personal data of the persons granted in this Agreement and the reservation request, transfer personal data to third parties for the purpose of rendering services under this Agreement, including the Owners, and also use personal data for sending commercial communications and offers.The Guest and his authorized representatives confirm that they have been informed that personal data are included in VIP Apartment database, their rights, the procedure for obtaining information and the location of the database.
6.3. VIP Apartment without additional notice to the Guest may change the terms of this Agreement, by placing a new version of the Agreement or an addendum to the Agreement on VIP Apartment Website.
6.4. VIP Apartment is a single tax payer for Group 3, at a rate of 5% (excluding VAT).
6.5. VIP Apartment informs the Guest about the information provided by this Agreement by phone and e-mail. Guest confirms that it bears all the risks related to the inability of the communication with Guest through the above means of communication.
6.6. VIP Apartment has the right to use the Customer’s email address for regular sending of advertising, informational and entertainment letters to him.In this case, the Guest is entitled to refuse to receive the data at any time.
6.7. By signing this Agreement, the Guest confirms that he acts voluntarily, at his own discretion; he has the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of all persons who are traveling with the Guest, and that he and the persons traveling with him are familiar with all the information.

7. Addresses and details of the parties
Enterprise: VIPApartment Company, which is registered and exists according to the legislation of Ukraine, the Certificate of State Registration № 2 065 000 0000 032315 from 18.01.2013 represented by Volodymyr Fesenko, location 01001, Kiev, Khreshatyk street 25

Guest: With all the conditions listed in this Agreement, and those persons that living with me agree and commit ourselves follow. I (all of us) got everything necessary, accessible and reliable information on terms of service under the Agreement.


Privacy Policy


Last update date: March 06, 2024

Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy, it is described as, uses or otherwise processes personal data of individuals and legal entities.

Source of data generation

Depending on the way of booking:

– From the online booking form
– From the online booking system used by guests for booking
– from our call center

Base for data processing

Data processing is necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract. is fully responsible to the provided personal information of our guests and undertakes to follow the rules for its storage. Personal data can be used exclusively in the interests of our guests, to improve the services we provide.

The guest automatically accepts and confirms consent to this policy and provides with the right to use the personal data of our guests. A client can delete any time or change the information provided to us, in the Personal Account on by filling out the feedback form on the site or send a request to the support service.

Categories of processed data

– arrival and departure date;

– e-mail address;

– name and last name;

– Country of Residence also retains other data, the provision of which are voluntary and optional for our guests: /

  • Photos profile
  • Additional information about the client
  • Profile information in other services (for example, Facebook, Google)
    In case you use third-party services to enter the site (for example, Facebook, Google+), we get the data of your profile. To change the data or restriction of the information provided, it is necessary to use third-party service with which authorization is made.
    Required data for payment on the website:
    Users provide their payment system directly. does not receive any data of your payment card, the payment system provides information on the result of the payment.
    To return payment for the accommodation or transfer of funds for booking owners, it is necessary to provide your payment details. This data is transmitted by us payment systems for transactions.

Why do we use your personal data?
 – To send notifications:
–  On the state of orders, decorated by you, or on your objects posted on the website
– Information about changes in service
– Advertising and other marketing materials

If you have any questions regarding your personal data, you can send a request to the support service using contact information on our website.

 Data deletion request 

You can change or completely delete the provided to us information at any time using your personal profile on our website, or by sending a request to the support team